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Solar Panels are The Missing Piece to Your Energy Questions

  • Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill

  • Enjoy the Lifestyle You Want at a Price You Can Afford

  • Become Energy Independent

Frequently Asked Questions About Going Solar

How long will the installation take?

Installation is completely free and takes just a few days. Switching to solar is as easy as giving us a call to get started. We take care of everything involved in the installation of your system, including:

  • We take care of the design
  • We take care of all permits
  • We take care of any surveys
  • We take care of city inspections
  • In short, we take care of everything

Our goal is to make the switch to solar an easy one. It begins with a simple phone call then we take care of the rest. There is zero cost to you for the installation of your solar energy system.

Will I really save money on my electric bill?

Yes, you start saving money from day one. The day your system is turned on and you begin

generating your own power, you’ll be saving money. Solar power simply doesn’t have the costs associated with typical utility power. Your solar panels will generate the bulk of the electricity that you use on a daily basis. You’ll still use a portion of your utility power at night but not much.

Electricity rates rise at about 5% per year. With solar your rates never go up. You’ll lock in an affordable price. The more electricity rates climb, the higher your savings will be. You’re protected against inflation and the inevitable hikes in utility prices.

Is the Solar Power system insured?

When you go solar your system is 100% insured. We use only the highest

quality solar panels and back them with 100% coverage for every single customer.

  • If any repairs are necessary, we take care of it for FREE.
  • You also receive FREE maintenance.

It doesn’t get any easier than that. Using the highest quality solar panels and parts in the

industry means you’ll enjoy the highest production from your system.

What happens if I need to move?

One of the many benefits of solar is that it adds value to your home. In fact studies have shown that solar panels can help your home sell faster. Like you, potential buyers recognize the value in lowering their energy costs, using sustainable energy, and going green. We’ll quickly and easily transfer your existing system to the new homeowner.

Installation of solar panels on your new home is seamless and efficient as well. You’ll be enjoying the benefits of a green-energy lifestyle once again. It’s really no trouble at all.

Is there a lot of maintenance?

Your system includes FREE maintenance and repairs for the entire life of your contract. Solar panels require very little maintenance but if anything does come up, simply give us a call and a technician will quickly be at your home. Panels do need to be sprayed down with water every few months to keep any dust, dirt, or build-up that could limit sunlight to a minimum.

We make going-green a simple process. If you ever have an issue of any kind with your solar energy system.

Do I need to get permits?

No, you do not need to get any permits for the installation of your system. The entire installation process is handled by us, in a matter of days.

  • We take care of the design
  • We take care of all permits
  • We take care of any surveys
  • We take care of city inspections
  • In short, we take care of everything